Mikaele vs. TikTok's Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas Family!

2022 has been such a blessed year! Just when I thought everything couldn't get better, TikTok surprised me with an awesome TikTok Ceator's Advent Calendar!

There may have been one or two gifts I wasn't sure about, could you guess how many I got right? Thank you TikTok!


Day 1: Spatula
Day 2: Sticker Set
Day 3: Headband
Day 4: Car Air-Freshener
Day 5: Zipper Pouch
Day 6: Keychain Pouch
Day 7: Coaster
Day 8: Portable Speaker
Day 9: Beaded Charm Bracelet
Day 10: Pocket Tool
Day 11: Colored Pencils
Day 12: Magnetic Bookmark
Day 13: Lava Toy Timer
Day 14: Guitar Pick
Day 15: Mesh Bag... or mask possibly lol
Day 16: Portable Doggie Bowl
Day 17: Temporary Tattoo
Day 18: Oil wipes?? ... thank you to our friends who said they were soap sheets
Day 19: Pot Holder
Day 20: Snow Globe Picture Frame
Day 21: Seeds
Day 22: Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Day 23: Nail File
Day 24: Lotion
Day 25: Desk Bean Bag Game
Day 26: Ring Holder and Mount
Day 27: Exercise Bands
Day 28: Candle
Day 29: Activity Book
Day 30: Luggage Tag
Day 31: Selfie Ring Light

Thank you everyone for watching my videos on TikTok and Instagram. As we get ready to celebrate the holiday season with our friends, family and loved ones. We also want to share loving prayers and wishes to those who may not have that opportunity as well as our special loved ones we have lost this year.

Merry Christmas my family and Happy Holidays! I'm so very thankful for your love and support and many blessings for 2023.